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We are AVA – Asbestos Victims Awareness Initiative created
to address the complex impact of asbestos on workers of the Ship-breaking
industry and local communities on Bangladesh’s coastline. 

We are a group of students taking part in a Challenge Based Innovation (CBI)
program, which develops projects that solve complex societal problems inspired by technological ideas from instrumentation development or basic research at CERN.

“Workers in Shipyards
in Bangladesh are not aware of their rights,
or the toxins they are exposed to”

Sara Costa
NGO Ship-breaking Platform

Why Bangladesh?

More ships are yet to be dismantled in upcoming years

Impact on workers and
local community


“Ship-breaking has grown into a major occupational and environmental health problem in the world. It is amongst the most dangerous of occupations, with unacceptably high levels of fatalities, injuries and work-related diseases.”

— International Labour Organisation (ILO)

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